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How to use and configure Android
Here you will find some quick info on helping you with your new Android phone or tablet.

If you already configured your android system on first boot, skip down for other information. Otherwise read below.

You will be promoted for you Language, Location, email settings and connectivity when starting android for the first time. You can either skip this settings and configure it on a later date, or enter it now. You can also enter your social networking like Facebook details on startup. Your contacts and numbers will then be synced across your Android system.

Once in your system, You will see a basic screen with a bar at the bottom of the screen which has a phone, and other buttons on. Depends which phone/tablet your android system is running on, your menu and screen will look different. From you main menu you can press the menu button to configure your home screen, system settings, and more.

If your press the phone botton, you can make Calls to contacts or a number.

When slide your android screen from downwards up, selecting the bar at the bottom, you applications will appear. When you slide the top bar, where your time appears, down, You will be greeted with a notifications screen.

There is multiple settings in the "settings" menu that one can configure to your Android needs. Later on we will discuss how to disable automatic downloads on a Samsung Galaxy Android device. Some users complain of downloads being done on phone without authorization.

Come back for more updates and feel free to leave comments.

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